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Egyptian actor "Shukri Sarhan," was born on March 12, 1925 and died on March 19, 1997.

He's the brother of the famous actor "Sami Sarhan" and the uncle of singer "Susan Ateia," he graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts in 1947.

One of the greatest 20th century figures of Arabic cinema, he made his debut in "Hussein Fawzi’s" film "Lahaliebo" alongside "Naima Akef" in 1949, then was selected by director "Yousif Chaheen" to appear in the movie "Ebn Al-Neel" in 1951, which marked the real initial surge of his stardom.

Throughout his career he received numerous awards, most notably for his work in "Henry Barakat’s" film "Laylet Al-Qabd Ala Fatima," in 1984 and also broadened his reach through work on stage in plays such as “Ah Ya Leil," "Yassin Ya Waladi," "Awlad Al-Shawarea," and "Al-Circk."


Notable movies:

1952 – Hayati Enta

1953 – Qalbi Ala Waladi

1953 – Baeaat Al-Khobez

1954 – Kezbet Apreel

1954 – Alashan Ouyonak

1956 - Zanoba

1961 – La Toutfeaa Al-Shams

1961 – Rajoul Fi Hayati

1963 – Sanawat Al-Hob

1964 – Bent Al-Hetta

1964 – Al-Omer Ayam

1966 – Wadaa Ayoha Al-Layel

1971 – Al-Hom Al-Mouharram

1971 – Al-beyout Asraar

1984 – Laylet Al-Qabd Ala Fatima

1985 – Malaekat Al-Shawareaa

1988 – Al-Ab Al-Sharaei